The alternative investment industry’s
resource for Human Resources




HYGGE Capital Partners can provide comprehensive, independent Human Resources services or help GP or portfolio management construct / improve in-house HR systems.


We tailor our solutions to each organization’s specific need, whether utilizing our full suite of services or individual programs.

We act as your human capital professional, deepening your bench of talent and facilitating forward-thinking insights on talent management and structure.

Please note: with COVID-19 top of mind for many in our industry, HYGGE is prepared to fully support your organization by implementing any of our services virtually or providing supplemental or strategic planning support.


We know the human capital challenges that face the alternative investment industry.


With an emphasis on the performance of your employees and the success of your organization, we provide a broad suite of strategic offerings – either as a complete HR business partner or for individualized needs.

Talent Acquisition and Development

Organizational HR Structure

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leadership and Training